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CG Skin and Cosmetics Piñata

£50.00 GBP - On sale

Image of CG Skin and Cosmetics Piñata Image of CG Skin and Cosmetics Piñata

Party games are great but none are such a focal point to your party than the Pinata game; watch as your friends, miss, show their strength, laugh & lose all sense of direction. Lets not forget the ending is always spectacular, when your pinata is finally broken the 14 of my amazing products inside spring out for all to share.

1x Unicorn Piñata
1x Basher
1x Eye Mask
2x Translucent Browsoaps
2x Eyeliner Castor Oil
2x Spoolies
4x CG18 Lashes (2 full pairs)
2x Lash Glue

Piñata Dimensions: H50 x W42cm
Adult Supervision Required

Safety Warnings
Not suitable for children under 3 years.

UK shipping only if you want to place an order outside of the U.K. please email [email protected]