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𝒞𝒢HAIR Row Brush

£15.00 GBP

Image of 𝒞𝒢HAIR Row Brush Image of 𝒞𝒢HAIR Row Brush

𝒞𝒢HAIR Row Brush is a multi-use styling essential suitable for smoothing dry hair or defining wet curls during a blow-dry, the brush effortlessly removes knots and tangles to leave hair looking sleek and controlled. Designed with 9 rows of sculpted, round-ended nylon pins which gently separate, shape hair and define curls when hair is wet. The unique pin pattern creates the perfect tension when shaping the hair during blow-drying.
Completely versatile, the brush can be used to control your style, detangle wet and dry hair, or sculpt and style during blow-drying.